Connect your metro stations with a mobile friendly user interface, and try to optimize your rail network to the max.


The first thing that will catch your eye is the simple, minimalistic, yet beautiful design of the game. This will also help you to quickly get into the game, as it features a native touch control concept that works perfectly for the game.

Given a map of a city, your goal is to build an efficient metro system, simply by drawing metro lines on the map. New train stations will slowly, but steadily pop up on the map, and you must connect them and let people find their way quickly from their origin to their desired destination. It sounds simple, and it is in the beginning. But the game will keep you on your toes.

The more passengers you manage to deliver to their target destination, the more resources in the form of wagons, engines and metro lines you will get. So you need to connect your lines as efficiently as possible.

Of course, there are some obstacles, like rivers on the city map, which require a tunnel to be used, which may also be a limited resource.

Is it for me?

The game is super easy to learn, and super easy to progress. It also has two different games modes: one that will let you fail, as soon as passengers wait too long, and one that simply allows you to build and work towards efficiency.

Even the latter one might be a real challenge, as you only get more resources to build when you reach a certain level of throughput. It can be a real challenge.


It is a perfect game for a mobile device. The touch controls are simple to learn and use. You can easily spend just a few minutes, or maybe a few more 😁. And it isn't expensive either.