If you are a fan of classic point & click adventures, you will love this. And if this reminds you of games like Monkey Island or Day of the Tentacle, then this is no coincidence.


Thimbleweed Park brings back memories of the classic point & click adventures like Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, Zak McKracken, and all the others. The game really lives up to those games and feels quite good on a mobile device.

If it doesn't bring back any memories … it looks like, you just too young 😁 So let me try to explain a little bit of what you missed. In a nutshell it is the concept of interactive story-telling. You steer your character, exploring the world, talking to people, finding and using items. The more you progress, the more you learn about the story. You need solve some puzzles in order to find your way through the story.

And Thimbleweed Park gives you all that you could ask for: beautifully designed graphics, unique characters, a mysterious story, a bit of humour and a murder to solve.

And if all that indeed reminds of you the good old times … well, Thimbleweed park was created by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick. Both of them worked for LucasArts, back in the days.

Is it for me?

If you like to solve puzzles, read/listen through the dialogs, and like a slow paced game, it definitely is something for you. You can always put it away, and once you mind came up with a new idea on what to try next, you open up the game again and give your idea a try.

Or you just sit on the couch for a few hours 😁. But don't be afraid to get stuck. If you really think you need some help, the game as a wonderful in-game help system. It is worth trying out in any case. It will try to give you a nudge in the right direction, without telling you too much. But it will also give you more details over time.

I am not sure there is much re-play value in the game. It take a good amount of time to play through the story at least once. As I am not the gamer who like to re-play games over and over again. I really don't mind.

The end

I guess the end of the game deserves a words. The game is awesome, it really is. But some people think the end … well, could be better. And I completely agree. Does it ruin the game? No!


I can only recommend to spend the money and buy it. It is a bit more expensive than most games, but it is a simple one time purchase. And it is absolutely worth it! I really to hope to see some kind of a sequel!