You are the hitman, and there are several ways to achieve your goal in this turn-based strategy puzzle. And it really feels like you are moving figures on a board game.

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Congratulations on your new assignment hitman. But it turns out your job is much harder than you anticipated, as people are well protected, and you need to find a way around the bodyguards.

The game has a beautiful design, imitating a nicely crafted tabletop game, with small figurines, one of them being yourself.

Is it for you?

Don't worry, you are only playing with virtual figurines, on a virtual tabletop game. No violence, no real shooting, no blood. When you "hit" someone, he will fall like a chess piece. Quite nice to see actually.

The game is a turn-based mix of puzzle and strategy. You have all the time to think about your next move, and it is easy to get into the game, and also easy to put it aside. You will definitely need to try, and try again. But re-starting a level is quick, and so you don't lose much time.

Over time, the game adds new constructs and mechanics, to that there is always something new coming up in the more advanced levels.

In-app purchases

Each mission, or level, gives you three achievements, goals, points, objectives that you can get. Even if you complete the level, you might not get all of your objectives, but of course, you can re-try.

Levels are being unlocked the more objective (points) you gather, and this isn't a real problem. If you are not completely lazy, then you can get there, and that is the reason for playing a puzzle game in the first place, right?

However, if you are impatient, you can "top up" your objectives, and get unlock the coming levels prematurely. I personally think it is unnecessary, but the concept also doesn't get in the way of the actual gameplay. So yes, it is an unnecessary in-app payment, but it doesn't matter.


If you like puzzles and strategy, you might definitely want to give it a try. Don't be scared by the in-app purchases, as they really are unnecessary. You will get a challenging game, with an absolutely amazing design.