A fun little game, which motivates you to quest, discover, level-up and fight for hours and hours. A great story, and just the right amount of humour.


Crashlands is a mixture of role playing, action adventure, with a touch of interactive story. You start on a planet, need to gather resources, learn new abilities, craft gear and potions and fight your way through the story, solving quests along the line.

The controls for the game are easy to understand, and you will have learned them pretty quickly. Compared to other gamepad-like emulations, the controls feel native to the mobile worlds, and not added at the end of the development process.

Is it for me?

The game definitely offers some re-play value, if that is what you like. Playing through the story once, is a great experience nevertheless.

You have a huge world to roam through, can craft and build your own home, if you like things like that. So the game allows you to play it at your own pace.

The game definitely puts up challenge, but also gives you the chance to progress, without loosing your inventory or re-starting from the beginning.


You pay a reasonable price. You get a great game in return. I can definitely recommend it.