This game takes you back into the 80ies. Just like the TV show, this games takes you back in time, right on your mobile phone. Zelda style.


One of the great things with Stranger Things is, it takes you right back into the 80ies. And the mobile game gives you the exact same feeling. A fun game, that keeps you entertained for a while.

The game might even remind you of "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past", should you already have been playing games in the 80ies 😉.

Is it for you?

The game gives you a nice mix of fighting, a bit of story, some leveling up, and the freedom to explore the city of Hawkins. You can play different characters you might know from the show. But even if you did not watch it, and I can only recommend it, the game will entertain you, as it doesn't really expect you to know what happened in the show.

Playing through the story, you will unlock more features, characters, areas, and abilities. This gives you a bit to explore, and keep you interested. So if you like to slowly earn, and unlock features of a game, you will like it. You always have something to look forward to.

I am not sure about the replay value, but I am not the guy re-playing games anyway. So you need to figure that out yourself 😊.


The game is free, and I assume it is seen as a promotion to the show. This gives you a great game, at literally no cost. There is no real reason to not try it out, I really can recommend it.