An easy to learn, casual puzzle game, with a beautiful, minimalistic, color style.


Colorzzle is a simple, easy to learn, puzzle game. The goal of each puzzle is rather simple, you need to move tiles and let colors mix, in order to solve each level. The more you progress, the more elements and game mechanics you will unlock.

Aside from a simple and effective user interface, the game feature a simple, yet beautiful design. Take a look at the screenshots, and you know what I mean.

Is it for me?

If you like an occasional puzzle, then you will definitely like this game. It might seem a bit simple at times, but the game is also on the cheap side, so that definitely makes up for it. The game has 100 levels, so it will keep you entertained for a while.


The game is easy to play, has a nice design, and doesn't cost much. If, every now and then, you like to relax, solving puzzles, go grab it.

Oh, and there is a free demo version, without ads.