Explore, expand, build & conquer. A turn based strategy games, easy to play, with beautiful, colorful polygon style.


The goal of the game is simple, conquer the world! Who wouldn't love to do that 😁?! Maybe you remember the original civilization style games, this game is quite like them, not a complex though, but easier to get into and play. Still, it does provide a challenge.

Is it for you?

If you like a light strategy challenge every now and then, I can only recommend it. A game doesn't take too long, as the map is rather small. The tech tree is not super complex, and the rules of the game are good but basic. So if you are a hard-core Civilization fan, then this game might be a bit basic for you.

But if you like to play just a few minutes of a build and conquer style game, then you might really like it. The controls are intuitive and well designed for a mobile game. The rules are easy to learn, and you can quickly put the game aside, and pick it up later, if you need to.

If you are a fan of clean, minimalistic designs, then you might be thrilled, from the wonderful, polygon design. Which gives you just enough details, but doesn't look overloaded.

And while I am not a fan of replaying games over and over again, in this case, I did quite an amount of times.

In-app purchases

The basic version of the game is free. And it definitely is fun to play. The game mechanics twisted, just to get you into buying anything.

You get a set of "tribes" for free, and if you want some of the others, you can unlock each of them with an inapp purchase. I think it is a reasonable approach in general because you pay the developers a little bit, but also get something extra in return. Only in this case, I think they overdid it a little bit. You get 4 tribes for free, and have around 10 more, which you can purchase for around 1€ to 2€ each. Which basically means, if you want to unlock the full game, you pay around 15€, which is way too much. I think it would be great if there was a "buy all" option, with a price of about 5€.


It is an entertaining game. It is quick to learn, quick to play, and quick to get back to. A perfect concept for a mobile game. The colorful and clean design, combined with controls that work perfectly on a mobile device, this is definitely a game to try out. And there is no risk because you can have a lot of fun with the four free tribes.